I seem to be getting a lot of spam email recently that if you try to read out loud gives you breathing problems and a brain aneurism…

Who are these meant for? Are they really looking for a date? Is it some sort of phishing scam? Where did they learn english?



  1. I just laughed so hard I nearly threw up noodles.

  2. Jon B says:

    Very good.

  3. Jack "j dog" says:

    Haaa, I think this that is your that is best work yet.

  4. JK says:

    This is v funny.

    Though – maybe there is something lost in translation via pace…Did you see the list on Flickr of 90 types of b*tches (please excuse my language). I was thinking it would make a nice piece of profound poetic reading with some dramatic music….


    What about a set of Spamreadioboos ?

  5. bennycrime says:

    Thanks guys……

    @JK Yeah as pressed for time I kind of recorded it quite swiftly when the idea came to me, I have a longer more ridiculous even more difficult to say one which ive recoreded but it may need some editing as I couldn’t help but crack up half way through..

    Haven’t seen the flickr 90 types of… but will check it out.

    Did think of Spamboos but it turned into youtube as it needed chopping up… but it does feel like the ideal format for this sort of thing..


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