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Hello there internet chicklets… so I’ve been a Neglectatron (made up word) recently and haven’t posted anything. Now the internet is flooded with blog posts excusing a blog contributor because they have been (tick where appropriate) Away [ ] Busy [ ] Tied to a giant lizard [ ] Asleep [ ] and to be honest I’m not a big fan of those, but I understand that they are necessary to tell the universe that you are still very much alive. So I have prepared a list of things that I have been doing to assure you that I haven’t just been sitting on my own in a dark room screaming to myself “This’ll teach ’em'” over and over and over again..

* Built a green screen studio (more information on its way, will be promoting this soon.. when it has a name.. 😉 )

* Ridiculous hours of Capturing/designing & Motion Graphics for DVD boxsets (Blue Thunder, Dark Skies, Kane & Abel, Curse of the demon & Larry Sanders SE1 + 2)

* Launched a new website for @Pink_Pigeon although most of the work was done by behind the scenes types, as you can see I had the honour of launching it..

Which brings me to the video, since purchasing the fabled jesus phone 4, instead of uploading video as I go, I have been compiling it in-phone using imovie.

Call it my Iphone 4 review…

Random – The Motion Picture – An Iphone 4 Review? from Bennycrime on Vimeo.

IPAD BADGERS Youtube version as always is here. Now I do feel like I should just embed from youtube as they support Ipad embeddding but they just don’t cut it when it comes to my craving for inserting my own ridiculous placeholder images..

NOTE: I’m not a big fan of iMovie for Iphone 4, perhaps its because I’m so used to editing with Final Cut Pro that I feel like its working with one hand tied behind my back. (There is no way to cut clips into pieces, you have to re-add each clip then trim it..)  It really didn’t make me want to use it at all and I felt fear every time I launched the app. However its nice to have the option now (even though you have to pay for it..) Its works well as an on-bus editing suite.. 😉


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