#CrimeCamp is finally here… I will get an early bird special sign up page for next year’s CrimeCamp up shortly. It’s 10K per head, but you’re guaranteed to get at least a tenner back (ROI, is the technical term I believe) through the knowledge & wisdom that you gain..

#CrimeCamp from Bennycrime on Vimeo.

Youtube version here.

Note: In reality I was invited by Sta Travel buzz to do a Masterclass, and it evolved into a bit of video experiment. Big thanks to them for letting me loose..

Also thanks to my victims for their sterling performances @_Aka_ @Allix and the rest (please comment below with your twitter names and I will update & link you).


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  1. I feel that my life up to the moment of watching this film held no real meaning. Now, I feel able to embrace all that life chooses to throw in my direction, and have decided to become a spaceman… and a driver of a big boat. Thank you Bennycrime. Thank you.

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