Leaving on a jet plane

I’m sitting in my front room and its 1am on monday morning. As ever I have left as much as I possibly can to the last minute but I think we are almost packed.

Tomorrow (or is it today?) @joodle and I are heading out to the Cape Verde islands for a week to shoot a promotional video for Cape Verde Property.

For this job I thought along with the overall video we will be producing it would be cool to blog some content along the way to try and add an extra dimension to the trip. I knew that I would be posting randomly anyway so I thought why not experiment and make it into something a bit more focused and perhaps something the Cape Verde guys can take over once we are gone.. Or we can use it if we return 😉

So I have set up a Cape Verde Posterous to document our trip at capeverde.posterous.com

also you can follow us both on twitter twitter.com/bennycrime & twitter.com/joodle

and I will be tinkering with bennycrime.posterous.com

Astalawago and I’ll see you on the other side..



  1. Judy says:

    hasta luego…

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