Cape Verde

My last post was a small note saying that I was ‘Leaving on a jet plane’, so if your not following me on twitter you may be forgiven for thinking I never returned. But alas we are back! You can check out a few posts and audioboos I made whilst out there over on although lack of wifi and a packed shooting schedule meant I didn’t keep it as up to date as I’d have liked.. which reminds me that I have a half edited significant amount of ridiculous video stuck inside my iphone 4 which I will put up soon..

Without further adiu here is the finished video edited by my co-conspirator the lovely @joodle.
We would love to know what you think, Enjoy.

Cape Verde Property from beggars velvet on Vimeo.

“Cape Verde Property Ltd was the very first company in the UK specialising in marketing Cape Verde property and land investments, with exclusive developments across a range of the islands.
The company was formed to fulfil the rapidly growing demand in the UK and Ireland for the purchase of investment and holiday property and land in Cape Verde. We are independent, and can offer properties and land on all of the main development islands of Cape Verde, including Sal, Boa Vista, San Vicente, Santiago, Maio, Soa Nicolau, Santo Antao and Fogo.”



  1. […] I thought in the spirit of #vlomo10, I would spare no expense for this video travelling to the Cape Verde Islands to shoot this particular lip-sync number.. OK not really I shot this whilst out there shooting a travel video, more on that here. […]

  2. itsnoel says:

    Well, the vid works on me….

    I didnt know anything about Cape Verde but I want to go there now.. looks cracking.

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