#Vlomo10 Day 1, An Introduction

Here we are Day 1, Ground Zero the beginning of #Vlomo10 It was this time last year that I decided to start a video blog to coincide with Vlomo09. So I made it 30/30 days in a row and was crowned king of the planet mongo.. well not quite, but it did infect my mind with the manic need to make and post random videos online (until then most of my work was offline)…. So bennycrime.com was born and turns ONE today. *the sound of one hand clapping*

Here is my first entry, maximum points if you actually make it to the end of this 5 minute epic nonsense introduction to #Vlomo10.

To my fellow Vlomo’ers who are taking part this year remember… ‘If your head comes away from your neckit’s over.’

Video Also available on Vimeo here.

People to keep a beady eye on..

The RingMaster I mentioned is Mr Rupert Howe twittervlog.tv

Also taking part this year fellow ‘vlomo09 to the death’ veteran Mr @whatleydude whatleydude.com

@warriorgrrl@ernmander, @andybold, @willfilmmaker@R_Arblaster and Mr @tookiebunten have let on that they may also be joining us…

Best way to find out who else will be taking part will just be to follow the hashtag #Vlomo10.

If you are taking part please add your name in the comments below.



  1. Thanks for the heads up about the ninja assassins, I am prepared, I’ll slay them dead with my brummie twang.

  2. Ernmander says:

    Fantabulous, TO THE DEATH

  3. tookiebunten says:

    There can be only ONE!…….

  4. Rupert says:

    I just happily let you steal 6 minutes of my life, while you rambled incoherently at a lamp. And I enjoyed it. This videoblogging business is very confusing.

  5. Will says:

    Utter waffle cake.. love it.

  6. AKA says:

    You completely and utterly break my mind. But you knew that already. Only another 29 days to go…

  7. […] end is here! The end of National Vlogging month or #Vlomo10.. round up video soon, until then here is todays video.. I went along to the TweetDeck OnChrome […]

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