#Vlomo10 Day 4, Hedgehog

A Day out for @joodle’s grandads birthday and I interview her nephew about his occupation.

Video also available on Vimeo here.

Here’s a another video from the day, which I posted back then.. for more background..



  1. what are you shooting on to get 1080p? – it’s crispy! 🙂

  2. bennycrime says:

    @phil This was shot on non other than the 5d mark 2, with the 15mm 2.8f fisheye.. I love this lens so much I may marry it, and no doubt a lot of videos this month will be shot using it.. 😉

  3. 1. I watched both videos. They’re amazing. Can he come out to play when we hook up? 😀

    2. All my videos will (probably) be shot on the N8. Alright it’s not crispy 1080p, but I quite like it.

  4. bennycrime says:

    @James Lol, I’m actually really impressed with all the N8 stuff I’ve seen, especially with good light, I’ve seen some comparison vids comparing it to the canon 550d in quality, which is the camera I use as second cam for interview shoots etc. Loved the dragonfly film they made with it.

  5. “Children who Skydive” Love it! 🙂

  6. kath says:

    cute! he’s good with the door too

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