#Vlomo10 Day 16, Video Piracy Is a Crime

Trolling through the Archives I found this little gem. It was part of a series of goodies myself @danlight and @_aka_ made to be outputted back onto VHS and played at VHSMovieClub after the film as part of the quiz. Another ramblicious part you can see here in the form of Video Tape Lung and the rest of the quiz is here. No doubt more ridiculous video from then hiding on my computer somewhere..

Video also Available on Vimeo here.



  1. Would that be a “bennycrime”? 😉

  2. tookiebunten says:

    RT @bennycrime: [Yes Its That Time Again] #Vlomo10 Day 16, Video Piracy Is a Crime – http://www.bennycrime.com/2010/11/16/vlo

  3. Your lover says:

    Luved it. Lol frekin awesome u master!

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