#Vlomo10 Day 24, Who’s Looking After Your Security..

Time for a blast from the past. This is my first ever corporate video, straight out of University I made this, a corporate video for Aralia an intelligent surveillance system. Which got me 3 Months work in New York designing all sorts of promotional gear for a security conference in Orlando. Where this video was played, on stand, very loud, much to the puzzlement of many passers by.

Little did I know that the week long all-nighter it took to put this together would set a precedent for my working life to come..

Video also available at Vimeo.

(I may try and re-upload this at some point if I can find a higher res version)



  1. tookiebunten says:

    RT @bennycrime: [Blast from the past] #Vlomo10 Day 24, Who’s Looking After Your Security.. – http://www.bennycrime.com/2010/11/24/vlo

  2. kosso says:

    @bennycrime hehe nice! is that you in the balaclava?

  3. warriorgrrl says:

    @bennycrime That was so tense, blimey!!

  4. bennycrime says:

    @warriorgrrl he he! Imagine it really loud at a conference, on a loop!

  5. Great video, he wasn’t doing a good job 🙂

  6. bennycrime says:

    @kosso no, ’twas a friend of mine..

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