#Vlomo10 Day 28, Webcam

Knee deep in a load of motion graphics at the moment and almost completely forgot about VLOMO, which with only a few days to go may have destroyed everything, EVERYTHING I tell you! So I decided to ramble into my terrible webcam for a couple of minutes. For those of you who don’t know I work from a converted tube train, where said rambling took place just moments ago…



  1. Is it going to be a warmer section?

  2. R_Arblaster says:

    RT @bennycrime: [WebcamVlomo] #Vlomo10 Day 28, Webcam – http://www.bennycrime.com/2010/11/28/vlo

  3. bennycrime says:

    @R_Arblaster No but its bigger so i will need to set fire to more stuff to keep warm. i.e I should probably buy more heaters..

  4. @bennycrime crickey more heaters? At least the empire is growing 🙂

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