Peter Gabriel New Blood Tour 2011

Last week I was working on Peter Gabriel Tour Visuals with @gribiche, @stefangoodchild, @sheepfilms, @ditchweed and some other amazing offline badgers. There are a few pics from rehearsals at LH2 here. When we moved over to the Hammersmith Apollo our new ‘content lab’ was set deep within a labyrinth of tunnels and what follows is a short video about just how far the content room was from the lighting desk…
Shot with @sheepfilms who also edited and aftereffects this together (please go check out some of his stuff over on his youtube channel)
Also the whole show was shot in 3D so look out for it coming out at you unexpectedly in the 3rd dimension when you least expect it..



  1. Kosso says:

    Ha! love it! 😉

    Though I didn’t see you climbing up Solsbury Hill?

    Corridors without frontiers.

  2. kath says:

    keeps you fit! a touch primer in the middle seeing yourself in different spots/time

  3. Dude. Love the edit work. Good skills.

  4. @mattkeil says:

    Dude, pure genius!

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