Ilia Darlin – Hit Me

Here is a video I edited directed by @joodle over in Greece just before crimbo.. The video for Ilia Darlin’s latest single ‘Hit Me’ released on EMI Greece. There’s more info on the production over on Jude’s blog.
Ilia Darlin – Hit Me (Official Videoclip) by EMI_MUSIC_GREECE



  1. Lloyd says:

    This is charming, however I subscribe to this blog for badgers, time travel and green screen insanity. Please revert immediately.

  2. bennycrime says:

    @lloyd I Know right! I seem to have become preoccupied with paying the rent, alas normal programming shall resume soon..

  3. Lloyd says:

    Cah ! Rent is for people who… have a home. I’m clearly going to have to break into the crime cave and give your moustaches a good twirling

  4. bennycrime says:

    @llyod YOU MUST, come and have a cup of tea, I have a desk and wifi, if you desire such things..

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